Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Worst Pumpkin in the World

Most kids get excited over finding the very best pumpkin in the patch. I was convinced this project - my first appliqué attempt - would inspire the same joyful feeling. Alas, it's a tad on the sad side. Lumpy, uneven, and, well, ugly.

Not for lack of trying, my poor produce looks like a 5-year-old was at the machine guiding the needle along it's pathetic journey around the edges.

Don't color out side the lines? Well, apparently that goes for sewing too. Oops.

In other news (better news), my package from the Fabric Shack came yesterday! (see Wednesday's post).  I cannot wait to take my scissors to this fabric and make some beautiful quilts. More on that to come.

Have a happy sewing weekend!

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