Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Want It Wednesdays

So my next big project is going to be a queen-sized quilt for my bedroom. Since I have a craft show and a lot of holiday gift sewing ahead of me, making my quilt will likely have to wait until after Christmas. But I am having fun looking at different patterns and fabrics in the meantime.

As far as colors, my bedroom walls are a spa blue - very serene and chill - and my furniture is black. I have not done a good job incorporating other accent colors into the room except different shades of blue, like my curtains which are navy velvet. So, for the quilt colors, I'm thinking about several shades of blue plus green accents.

This would be a nice start - Amy Butler's Midwest Modern from Fabric Supplies ' Etsy shop.

Or what about this? Amy Butler's Love from Pink Polka Dot Studio . Maybe a combo of the one above and the set below?

 Still have shopping ahead of me - not that that is necessarily a bad thing! Any suggestions? Ideas?

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