Monday, October 5, 2009

Finished Hushabye Quilt

I am so pleased with the finished results of my Hushabye baby quilt. Yesterday, I was determined to finished the quilting. When that was done (half way through the Browns v. Bengals game) I decided to tackle the binding, which I finished hand stitching while rewatching My Big Fat Greek Wedding (love that movie!) Somehow, I also managed to make dinner and keep an eye on my two-year-old too!

Once I started on this quilt, I just couldn't stop - it was so much fun! From start to finish, it took me 9 days. If I hadn't insisted upon using scraps to piece the back, I could have finished much sooner. The back was challenging to make look purposeful in design but also use up as many scraps as I could.

I must say I love to use my new darning foot to create the stippling look. Once I got in a groove, the actual technique was not difficult to master. Of course, I have room for improvement - if you look closely there are some cross overs and jagged edges. None of the errors are noticeable from a short distance, though. Only scrupulous quilters would detect my mistakes - at least I hope so!

This quilt will be for sale at an upcoming craft show my mom and I are doing together. I'm also working on some other projects for the craft show and will update you on those soon. Have a great week!

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  1. I am impressed beyond words! This quilt is stunning!