Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pretty Penny for a Pretty Piece

One of my favorite design blogs - Oh Joy - featured Umbrella Prints . What a fantastic find! This homespun fabric is screen printed down under in Adelaide, Australia.

The fabric is hand printed and so beautiful, I would be afraid to cut into it! Each design is a work of art in and of itself. I'm thinking about ordering some to stretch over canvasses and hang in my living room. Forget snipping into it to make it into something else. This fabric stands alone.

Order it on Etsy here .

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  1. Hallo, my name is Sara and I'm a very busy working mom, too! I've one wonderful daughter and three adorable little boys, the smallest ones are 3 years-old twins. I live in the north of Italy, in Padua. I've been sewing since when I was... maybe 4 years old, and I discovered patchwork and quilting 15 years ago. From that moment I've been sewing and hand-quilting with a great joy.
    Have a nice day,