Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fabric I Fancy

Had a lovely surprise on my doorstep this morning. Inside the FedEx envelope was a delectable stack of Anna Maria Horner fat quarters from her Good Folks  collection. I purchased it from A Fabric Outlet, one of my favorite online fabric stores.

I intend to make a very simple patchwork top for a duvet cover. The plan is to make the top big enough for a queen-sized duvet. Then, I'll buy a sheet in a coordinating color (chocolate brown?) for the bottom. I'll flip right sides together and sew most of the way around leaving several feet open at the bottom. The unsewn edges will be hemmed, and then I'll add either buttons (if I'm brave enough to make button holes!) or add snaps. Voila! A duvet cover.

I'm making this for my sister in-law who is getting her degree in graphic design. We're doing a swap; she's going to a logo and banner for this blog (the title in grey type at the top of the blog is pretty boring now, I admit).

Watch for more details as I figure out this duvet cover and for the banner and logo to come!

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