Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Want It! Wednesdays

I've never joined an "of the month" club. For some reason, I can't get past the Griswold Family Christmas outburst about the jelly-of-the-month club. But an online quilt shop from Rhode Island may be offering a product adorable and desirable enough to remove the tacky stigma I associate with the clubs.

The Calico Cottage Quilt Shop created a membership for Moda Layer Cake, Charm Pack, Turnover, Honey Bun, Jelly Roll, and Fat Quarters. For a nominal one-time $5 membership fee, members receive a the cut of their choice shipped and charged for mid-month. To boot, a 10% discount on the product is offered to members, which is probably enough to cover any shipping charges.

Each month, a different Moda collection is sent out to members. For instance, in August for the Layer Cake Club they featured Vine Creek by Kansas Trouble Quilters. Coming up in September, they will send members Mill House Inn by Fig Tree Quilts. Imagine the delight of each recipient as they get their happy little package each month!

There are endless possibilities for cutting them up these pre-snipped collections and making unique quilt tops, pillow covers, table runners, wall hangings, and more. This one is probably my favorite - love that vintage feel.

Now the question is, which club to join... it's going to be a tough choice!

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