Monday, August 31, 2009

The Learning Quilt

I finished binding Olivia's quilt tonight. Really should have washed it - but I couldn't resist putting it on her bed. Now we're snuggling underneath it as I write this post.

This quilt will go down as a learning experience. First, I learned to not over engineer. At the end of the day, simple is better. All the strip piecing in the center probably wasn't necessary. I could have gotten an equally cute effect with plain old squares.

I also learned how important tension is when quilting. I had major issues with keeping the backing to stay in place and not get sewn into a bunch. Ugh! So, this is why people fork over big bucks for a huge quilting table and machine. I'd say it's worth every penny. The frustration of having worked so hard to piece perfectly and then mess up on one of the last steps made me crazy!

Finally, I learned that love does not require perfection. Olivia will love this quilt no matter how wobbly the binding is or how crooked some of the seams. I hope it is something she will keep for a long, long time. And every time she wraps it around herself, it will be like getting a hug from her mom.

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