Friday, November 20, 2009

WIP-ed Around

There's a reason for the acronym WIP for Works in Progress. At some point, we sewers and knitters have so many we feel whipped around by them!

Here is a snapshot of my list of active WIPs (disclaimer: this does not include the many projects hibernating in the dark corners of closets because I can't stand the site of them).

1. Quilt A - Can't say what or for whom as it is a Christmas gift.

2. Quilt B - Same as quilt A (but here is a sneak peak at it)

3. Olivia's Christmas dress

4. Scarf for Christmas gift

5. Hat for me (because I got tired of giving all my projects away)

6. Scarf for Bill

7. Tunic for Olivia

8. Advent quilt

9. Custom order from craft fair

Plus, I just got the fabric for Olivia's Portabello Pixie outfit that I want to take on our Christmas cruise - completed.

Oh, and there are several other Christmas gifts I want to make that I have not even started. In fact, don't even have the fabric for!

No wonder I'm overwhelmed.

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