Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrap to Treasure

So, this is what the scraps I blogged about this weekend yielded. A small baby-sized quit with a large border. I made 6 disappearing nine-patch squares and then evened out the quilt dimensions with a larger border on the width than the length.

I have to say I'm pleased with how the front came out with the free-motion quilting technique. However, the tension on the back was off and caused the treads to look spidery. What a disappointment to put so much hard work into a piece only to have your machine betray on the last step. My low-budget Singer is just not cut out for the free-motion thing. I need to find some straight-line quilting techniques I'm happy with until I can invest in a better free-motion machine (maybe a long-arm someday?).

I was going to sell this quilt at a craft fair my mom and I are doing this Friday and Saturday. But, because of how bad the back looks, I may have to sell it for a very low price as an "oops." Or just give it to my grandma for Christmas... grandmas love everything their granddaughters make them, right?

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